There’s good guys and bad guys
On both sides my friend
In a fight that keeps going
And don’t seem to end
But there’s one way to tell
The good from the bad
It comes from the smell
Of Ganja, so sad…

Good people don’t smoke pot
They pray and they pay and
They sure drink a lot
We’re all lazy and dumb
So they won’t let us choose
In a nation of addicts
The red white and blue

Little boy blue
He can’t blow his horn
The seizures have left him
Tattered and torn
There’s one thing we know
That could help him a lot
But everyone knows
Good folks don’t smoke pot


The Budweiser man
Has us under his thumb
He wants you to think
That herb makes us dumb
With half naked girls
He sells us his beer
And if you don’t drink it
You must be a queer!