Your dark brown eyes
Make me feel as if I’m lost in the night sky
They shine bright with your love
I can see the beauty of your soul
When you smile I can feel the warmth of your laughter
Makin love to you makes me realize that I am finally whole

You’re the light when all is darkness
You’re my warmth against the cold
There is a strength and grace within you
There is laughter in your soul
I can’t help but feel your brilliance
I love the person that you are
You showed me inner beauty
You’re my wish upon a star

When we dance I can feel your body move against me
I let the music move through us
Let it guide us across the floor
When we dance this close I can feel the rhythm of your heartbeat
Then the whole world fades away
There is nothing I have ever wanted more


I love it when we lie in bed and
Talk, and laugh and watch old movies
I know it’s only been a while
But I fell as if I’ve known you my whole life
We slide between the sheets
I can feel your tangled legs against me
I knew deep in my heart that someday you’d finally be my wife