1. Ramsey's Song


The superhero cape you wear
Is longer than you are tall
Flying to the rescue
As you trip down the hall
To save our furry patient friend
From horrible disaster
Turn on your rocket boots
So you can get there faster

You’re my hero
But it’s not the way you think
Your superhero powers
Aren’t speed or flight or strength
They’re born from inside you
Because of who you are
You didn’t need a costume
To be my shining star

I needed you to stay here
With me to be my friend
But you were called away
Before it was the end
I guess your hero powers
Were needed somewhere else
To quiet someone’s demons
And save them from themselves


With a light in your eyes
And laughter in your heart
Curious and searching
For the right place to start
The journey forward
Still innocent and pure
The power of your love
Is your hero’s cure