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I started playing guitar  when I was 10 (about 35 years ago). Each day I would practice to get better, learning new things as I went. After several years of practice and building my confidence, I started to play with others. I was 13 and played at Mt View Lutheran church while the choir and congregation sang, and later I played in my high school jazz band. Time goes by and I join the service and meet a friend - Mr Brent Koleno. He and I started to write music together. I left the service to return home to the Pacific Northwest and continued to write returning to visit. Life happens to us all, and I got married, had kids, settled down and we drifted apart. After my wife and I divorced, I tried to find him again; only to learn he had passed away. I was the ONE LEFT, so I continued to write. I played my music out in bars and clubs, with other musicians, at local festivals, and venues. I threw myself into my music, investing emotional tragedy into the lyrics and tone. Music isn't just something to listen to for me. It's a way for me to tell a story and share an intensely personal part of myself in such a way that the listener can relate; and say to themselves "damn... I been there". It's a way to open my soul and show you who I am. 

Music is far more then just an investment in time or money. Sure, making a record is expensive. There's studio time, engineers, production, studio musicians, mixing, mastering, promotion... But more than that. It's an investment of spirit and is an insanely draining experience. When you're done you look at what you did and hope other people like it too. 

And if they do like it, you hope they can and feel like telling you. If you like my music, I would really appreciate it if you would make a donation. Whatever you feel its worth to you. Doing so not only lets me know you appreciate what I do, but allows me to make more.

Thank you and God Bless,

Christian Kelly